The Stack

Our stack and all the accompanying components are listed, linked below with links to further reading.

Hosting: DigitalOcean [read more]

Operating System: Ubuntu Server 16.04 X64 [read more]

Database: PostgreSQL [read more]

Web and App Server: Nginx & Gunicorn [read more]

Content Management System: Wagtail [read more]

Storage: Amazon AWS S3 [read more]

Cache: Redis (not yet), Amazon AWS CloudFront [read more]

Encryption: Let's Encrypt [read more]

Front-end Framework: Bootstrap 4 [read more]

Analytics: Google Analytics [read more]

Monitoring: Icinga2 [read more]

Backups: Amazon AWS S3, Google Storage Nearline and Coldline. [read more]

Others: Python, PIP, Virtualenvironment, Gevent, ImageOptim, Grunt, NPM, Font Awesome, Google Material Icons, and SASS.

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