The foundation of a good stack starts at the core. Having hosted multiple domains with DigitalOcean in the past and their great support and innovative platform was a no-brainer. We can't recommend DigitalOcean enough to folks considering building their technology stacks whether web, applications or whatever the use-case might be.

They have a proven record of innovative products, interface, support, and the right price point. Their droplets are scalable as your needs grow with your user base. All fourfridays clients are hosted on DigitalOcean.

The hosting comes with a magnificent interface to customize your droplets to your hearts content. They have API's to control your droplets as well. A cloud firewall that can be configured via an innovative GUI and applied to multiple droplets via a single click.

DigitalOcean also provides object storage called Spaces like Amazon AWS S3. The S3 command utility is compatible with DigitalOcean's Spaces.

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