Our requirements for a monitoring solution were pretty basic:

  • If the host server goes down notify by email.
  • If the host server is up but a website isn't responding notify by email.

That's it. In our search we came across Icinga2, and were we happy we did!! It's an amazing open source tool that met our basic requirements with a few more bells and whistles.

We started off by spinning up another server only this time as an Amazon AWS EC2 instance. A separate cloud platform to monitor the other platform made sense. It wouldn't have made sense to monitor a platform on the same cloud infrastructure especially if that infrastructure runs into issues and the tool that should inform you is down with the infrastructure.

You can install Icinga2 client utility on all the hosts you would like to monitor. And from there its as easy as adding a few configuration lines on the monitoring server for each host and services you would like to monitor.

It provides a beautiful interface to view all your hosts, and services. How there are behaving. Which services may be causing an issue with details on what the issue is. Allows you to schedule downtimes for services or hosts so you can work on them. Allows you to configure your choice of email software to send email notifications.

Highly recommended.

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