Are there better interfaces than Google Analytics out in the world? Yes. Do they provide easier customization? Yes. Are they usually free? No. Do they have extra features? Yes. Do they do anything different than record user data and report extensively on those visits? No.

That last question is why we enable analytics on our websites. We strongly believe even with a dedicated human whose sole purpose in the organization is to dig through analytics, Google's free Analytics tool is more than sufficient for the purpose. We have also found analytics to be only as useful as the high-level reports you build and report on. Even though you can log-in daily to view how your website is performing, not many folks do.

Pre-written, beautiful, digestable, delivered reports on a monthly or bi-weekly timeframe is the key to your usage of analytics. Our wishlist is to be able to create custom designed high level reports for all our clients using Google's Data Studio.

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